Hearing Center

Don't Let Another Day Go By Without Proper Hearing Care
Left untreated, hearing loss can seriously limit your ability to work, learn and enjoy life in general. Glens Falls Hospital has combined the region's largest team of hearing aid specialists and audiologists with the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools and hearing aids to provide unparalleled care to patients throughout the area.

At the Hearing Center of Glens Falls Hospital, you'll receive the region's most comprehensive and professional care:

  • Expert evaluations by licensed audiologists with doctorates of Audiology
  • Advanced diagnostic technology for accurate identification of all types of hearing problems and balance disorders
  • Licensed hearing aid professionals ensuring that you receive the proper technology and fit of hearing aids.
  • Educational services to help you and your family understand and adapt to your hearing loss.

You May Need The Hearing Center If You Have:

  • difficulty hearing on the telephone
  • to frequently ask others to repeat themselves
  • to turn up the TV volume in order to hear
  • difficulty understanding others when they speak
  • have persistent ringing in your ears
  • problems understanding others in groups or noisy rooms
  • trouble pinpointing the source of a sound or noise
  • a family history of hearing difficulties
  • failed a hearing screening test
  • a previously identified hearing loss that has not been checked in two years
  • a child with delayed speech or language development

We offer the Most Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Hearing problems occur in many forms and to varying degrees. Using the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools, our audiologists will determine the extent and nature of your hearing problem and, if necessary, recommend a hearing aid or other non-medical treatment. In some cases, you may be referred to your physician for further medical evaluation or care.

We offer Expert Hearing Aid Fittings & Instruction

If you need a hearing aid, we will help you select the proper technology to address your specific problem and meet your lifestyle needs. Using an array of specialized equipment, we will ensure that your aid is properly fitted, and we'll provide training and ongoing support services. Our audiologists and hearing aid specialists provide professional concern and attention to your unique needs so you may achieve your goal of improved quality of life through better hearing.

Remember, Your Hearing Deserves The Finest Professional Attention and Care

  • Purchase a hearing aid only after a thorough examination by a licensed audiologist.
  • If you are unsure about the expertise of your hearing care provider, ask about their credentials.
  • The Hearing Center's audiologists and hearing aid specialists are not commissioned sales representatives; our only obligation is to your good hearing.