Cancer Center Newsletter

The Glens Falls Hospital C.R. Wood Cancer Center provides a quarterly medical newsletter to keep cancer patients up to date about the latest goings on at the Cancer Center. Read the Cancer Center Newsletter for inspirational cancer survivor stories, information on the latest cancer medications and cancer treatment and to learn about our cancer support groups and activities. The Cancer Center Newsletter is your guide to all things related to the Glens Falls Hospital Cancer Center.

Download our current and past editions of the quarterly Cancer Center Newsletter below:

Fall 2018 (PDF)

Summer 2018 (PDF)

Spring 2018 (PDF)

Winter 2017 (PDF)

Fall 2017 (PDF)

Summer 2017 (PDF)

Spring 2017 (PDF)

Winter 2016 (PDF)

Fall 2016 (PDF)

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Winter 2015 (PDF)

Fall 2015 (PDF)

Summer 2015 (PDF)

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Winter 2014 (PDF)

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Winter 2013 (PDF)

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Fall 2013 extra (PDF)

Summer 2013 (PDF)

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Winter 2012 (PDF)

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Winter 2011 (PDF)

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