Cindy's Retreat

A Caring Place, A Healing Place For Women Living With - And Beyond - Cancer

Twice each year, the C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital hosts Cindy's Retreat at the beautiful Silver Bay Conference Center on the shores of Lake George in Upstate New York's spectacular Adirondack Region.

Cindy's Retreat encourages and enables women who are living with -and beyond- cancer to set aside the stresses of their everyday lives and focus on their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Through a diverse array of group activities and personal time, participants learn important tools to help them manage their stress and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Cindy's Retreat is heartfelt conversations and educational activities.

Over the course of a Cindy's Retreat weekend, participants have the opportunity to share their experiences, emotions and questions with other women whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Whether in formal group discussions led by facilitators from the C.R. Wood Cancer Center, or in private conversations in the dormitory, at the dinner table or while exploring the beauty if Silver Bay, participants in Cindy's Retreat learn to address their fears and hopes, while building new friendships and lasting bonds.

Cindy's Retreat provides a weekend of innovative activities to help women improve their quality of life and reduce the day-to-day stresses of living with cancer.

From relaxation training, massage and yoga health education, emotional expression and are and music therapy, participants not only temporarily escape their day-to-day routines at Cindy's Retreat, they learn important stress-reduction skills they can bring with them when return to their family, homes and careers.

How To Register

Registration Is Always Open

Cindy's Retreat is held twice each year at Silver Bay Conference Center on the shores of Lake George in Upstate New York. Each retreat is limited to 14 women, helping to ensure that each participant derives the maximum benefit from the experience.

The registration fee for Cindy's Retreat is $100, which includes lodging, meals, and all activities. Financial assistance is available through the generosity of our programs benefactors and Glens Falls Hospital.