​James Pendergrass


James Pendergrass was seeking the source of his back pain when doctors, looking for a bulging disc during an MRI, discovered a growth on his kidney instead.

Further tests revealed it was a malignant tumor. James’ urologist told him he’d be a good candidate for the advanced surgical robotics program at Glens Falls Hospital.

The retired school teacher liked what he heard about the quick recovery. “I was only in the hospital for two nights,” said James, 63. “Going in, I was a little worried about pain, but there was very little. The only medication I had to take was over-the-counter Tylenol.”

The other silver lining: His cancer didn’t require chemotherapy or radiation. “It’s one of those things that come out of the blue. You’re fine. You’re healthy. And then you find something like this. But I’m very fortunate. They caught it early. They treated it. The recovery was quick. And now it’s on with my life.”