​Elizabeth Perrigo


Elizabeth Perrigo lived with an incarcerated hiatal hernia for years. It was first diagnosed as acid reflux when she was living in Florida. Doctors there prescribed medicine. After the correct hernia diagnosis, Elizabeth stayed with the medication to treat the symptoms. That worked for a while. Then something changed.

“About a year ago, it became a real problem,” said Elizabeth, who has since moved back to her native Glens Falls area. “Everything was coming up. I couldn’t even keep water down.”

When she landed in the Emergency Department at Glens Falls Hospital, it became clear that she’d need surgery.

The 75-year-old opted for the hospital’s advanced surgical robotics program. She had surgery on a Monday afternoon and was home by Thursday.

“Since the surgery, I’ve been wonderful,” she said. “When I got home, there was a little bit of pain for a couple of days. Then it went away — very quickly. I was moving around, doing my shopping and getting back to my normal life.”