Care and Treatment of Shoulder Arthritis


The Saratoga Hilton 534 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Please join Glens Falls Hospital, Dr. Andre Johnson and Dr. Michael Rozell for a presentation and community discussion regarding shoulder arthritis.

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 50 million people were affected with some form of arthritis. Arthritis, simply defined, is inflammation of a joint. Arthritis can cause pain and stiffness, which ultimately can affect activities of daily living and many hobbies such as tennis and golf.

The Orthopedic Specialists of Glens Falls Hospital will discuss how we get arthritis, standard non-operative treatments, and potential operative treatments available to patients.

An anesthesia specialist will speak about new methods of anesthesia and post-operative pain control with limited need for narcotics.

Please RSVP one week prior to the date of the event by calling 518.926.6348