Internet Safety

Kids Internet Safety

Teen Internet Safety

The internet is evolving rapidly, so it's important for kids and teens to know how to keep themselves safe online. Here are some helpful internet safety rules for kids and teens.

1. Never give out personal information such as phone number, address, and location on social networking sites and mobile apps.

2. Never meet in person with someone you've "met" on the internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parent or guardian immediately.

3. Never share your password with anyone, not even your best friend.

4. Use privacy settings on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

5. Don't send mean messages to anyone, and don't respond if you receive a mean message. Tell your parents if you receive a mean or threatening message.

6. Talk to your parents about posting pictures online, and don't post pictures they think are inappropriate.

7. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face, don't post it online.

8. Don't download software on your computer unless you check with your parents first.

9. Know that not everyone is who they say they are on the internet.

10. Remember that anything you post on the internet will be there forever, and deleting something from your account will not erase it completely.

11. Follow your intuition. If you feel uncomfortable with something you see or something someone sends you on the internet, talk to your parents or an adult you trust about how you feel.