Children's Health

At Glens Falls Hospital we know that children have special health concerns on a variety of topics, from ear, nose, and throat issues to heart obesity, from bullying to teen pregnancy.

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Children's Healthcare


Ear, Nose & Throat

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Smoking and Tobacco Use



Child Abuse and Neglect

Teen Pregnancy

Internet Safety

Helping Our Youngest Patients at “The Kids Cove”

We recognize a hospital stay can be scary – especially for children. That's why we offer a dedicated pediatric unit, dubbed "The Kids Cove," exclusively for children from newborn to 18 years of age. The Kids Cove includes 11 private rooms, a playroom, and a centralized nurse's station providing excellent visibility for patient monitoring and greater peace-of-mind for parents.

Our special "Ouch Room," in which all treatments are provided, helps children associate their hospital room with rest and relaxation, rather than with medical procedures.

The Kids Cove's bright and colorful setting features an ocean theme with tropical fish décor, floor tile patterns resembling ocean waves, and even fish and star ceiling tiles.

For more on The Kids Cove, please visit PEDIATRIC SERVICES.