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Emily Coutts

Emily Coutts remembers what it was like being a new nurse a decade ago - the nerves, the pressures, the conflicting priorities. She's also seen firsthand how hard work, and a commitment to personal growth and lifelong learning, are rewarded at Glens Falls Hospital with advanced career opportunities. Those experiences form the foundation for her role as a Clinical Nurse Educator.


"I'm passionate about professional development," says Emily, who previously worked in Telemetry, ICU and the GI Center.

"I was fortunate to have people who helped me grow professionally, and I want to help others have the same opportunity. It's my job to help graduate nurses transition to becoming a fully functioning professional. I'm a resource for them. They can talk to me. I can connect them to the educational resources they need, identify any barriers that are making the transition hard for them, and help take those barriers away."

One of the most important things for new nurses at GFH to understand, Emily says, is how serious the hospital is about helping them develop autonomy, accountability and control over their work.

"The nurse that is autonomous and empowered is going to be happy, and the patients see that," Emily says. "They see a nurse who is confident and knowledgeable and who is going to advocate for them. That's the type of nurse we want.

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