The Nurses at Glens Falls Hospital

The Nurses at Glens Falls Hospital are committed to providing quality care in the Southern Adirondack region, at the largest hospital between Albany, NY and Montreal. As caregivers, nurses make special connections with patients and their families every day of the year. They are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone they work with.

The Nurses at GFH are part of a collaborative, supportive, innovative team of 2700 Glens Falls Hospital employees. Glens Falls Hospital Nurses are proof of our dedication to customer satisfaction and patient safety - all to provide the best results for you. They truly go the extra mile to make sure each patient is completely satisfied with their care.

Every nurse at Glens Falls Hospital can feel proud to be part of a forward-thinking, high-achieving organization. They are engaged in their commitment to provide quality care on a daily basis, and Glens Falls Hospital is similarly committed to contributing to the quality of life in our region, where we are the largest employer.