Car Seat Safety

State law requires that all infants be secured in an approved car safety seat. Please have your baby's seat in your room at the time of discharge. If you do not have a safety seat, please notify your nurse as early as possible.

To make the discharge process as prompt as possible, we ask that you become familiar with your car seat before your baby's arrival. Due to the differences in babies' sizes, as well as car seat sizes, you may want to include a couple of extra blankets or an insert in the safety seat so that your baby is as snug and secure as possible. Remember, newborns must ride in the rear seat, in the middle, facing the rear of the car. Never place your child in a car seat in front of an airbag.

If your baby is born at 37 weeks or less, you will need to bring your safety seat to The Joyce Stock Snuggery to be checked before your baby is discharged.

We will ask that the person driving you home bring the car to the Main Lobby ramp. We will escort your new family to the car and stay with you until your baby is safely secured in the car safety seat. (Please note, the proper placement and safety of the child in the seat are not the responsibility of Glens Falls Hospital.)

After you have returned home, The Joyce Stock Snuggery staff will still be available to assist you. If you have a question, concern or just need reassurance about how to care for yourself or your baby, you can call The Joyce Stock Snuggery any time, day or night, at (518) 926-6090.

For women who are breastfeeding, special support and information are available through our lactation clinic and our telephone consult line at (518) 926-6104.