Childbirth Education

Childbirth education is offered to families from across our region. It is very important to be informed before the birth of your child. By going through childbirth education, you can be prepared for what's in store for your family. The Joyce Stock Snuggery is here for you before and after the birth of your child, as well, with a wide array of educational programs to help you prepare for childbirth and better enjoy the joys of being a parent.

Childbirth can be thought of as both the beginning and the end of something. It's the end of your pregnancy but the beginning of a new life with your baby. Being prepared for childbirth, including labor and delivery, will help make the entire process easier. Staying healthy is important. Make sure you get enough rest and eat healthy right up until labor begins. Discuss with your physician before hand if they want you not to eat anything once labor starts.