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In my 10 years with the Glens Falls Hospital healthcare network, two things have never ceased to amaze me: the incredible quality of care that is provided here every day, and the extraordinary generosity of local people whose support make that care possible. In the pages that follow, you will learn about some of the many noteworthy investments your hospital made for the health of our community over the past year, and some that are still to come. These include new facilities and advanced technologies, as well as new services and the recruitment of new doctors and other healthcare professionals to our region.
Glens Falls Hospital experienced many triumphs in 2017. We were honored to receive $19.95 million in state funding to create an integrated, patient-centered Medical Village on the main hospital campus. In addition, we completed a $5 million renovation of The Joyce Stock Snuggery, construction of two brand new surgical suites, expansions to some of our primary care locations, and introduced new cardiac services to our community. We are continuously developing exciting plans to improve accessibility and quality of care through the growth of specialty services on and off campus.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and publicly recognize the many people who made gifts to Glens Falls Hospital in 2017. Each and every donation made a meaningful difference in the lives of local people on our main hospital campus and our 23 regional healthcare facilities. It is your charitable gifts that enable us to continually bring the latest advancements in care and expertise to our community.
In the year ahead, more than1,000 families will welcome new additions at the contemporary Joyce Stock Snuggery. People with heart rhythm conditions will  nd life-changing care here at home, rather than having to travel to Albany. Individuals experiencing a crisis will  nd important new services in our Emergency Department. Those in need of surgery will bene t from our new state-of-the-art operating rooms.
These wonderful resources, and so many others, are here for our community
for one reason: because our community is here for Glens Falls Hospital.
On behalf of everyone at Glens Falls Hospital, thank you for your continued support. Best of Health,
Dianne Shugrue
President & CEO

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