Page 28 - Glens Falls Hospital 2017 Annual Report
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Timley Signs
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Troelstra Ms. Donna Trottier
Ms. Lisa M. Touse
Mr. Philip Ulrich
Upstate Distilling Co.
Valet Park America
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A.
Vineyard Vines
West Mountain Ski Area
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Whaley Whiteman Chevrolet
David R. and Cynthia J.
Mr. John E. Williams
World Class Kids
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Zielinski
$100.00 - $249.99
Ms. Vivian Ackerman
Mrs. Christina C. Ackley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ackner Mr. Christopher Acosta Adirondack Wine Merchants Dr. Neema Afejuku
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Aiken Airway Meadows Golf Course Allstate the Giving Campaign Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Alonzo The Alpine Lodge
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ambrosini Americade
Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Andersen Karen C. Angleson
Mrs. Dolores M. Antinucci
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.
Mr. Joseph J. Arcate
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ashby Ms. Sarah S. Ashton
Mrs. Sharon Babson Baker Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer H.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Balfour Mr. Joseph Baran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barody Mrs. Moria Bartell
Mrs. Lillian N. Bartholomew Ms. Lisa Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. George Bedrosian Mr. Keith Beers
Behan Communications, Inc. Mr. Robert Bell
Mr. and Mrs. William M.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bennett Ms. Marilyn R. Benware
Ms. Donna Berk
Blue Heart Travel, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bollinger Mr. and Mrs. James M.
Girolama Bonvino
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Boomer Mr. and Mrs. Tim A. Borden Ms. Roberta J. Bouche
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boucher Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Boudreau Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Boyle
Dr. John and Kathleen Braico Mr. Paul Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Anton H.
Brockelman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brouillette James B.* and Gladys B. Brower Ms. Melinda Brown
Mr. Nelson D. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd K. Burch
Ms. Deborah A. Burnham
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Burrell Ms. Gillian Butchman
Mrs. Ann D. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Campinell Mrs. Susanna Canavan
Mr. and Mrs. David M.
Carroll III
Mr. and Mrs. James Casolaro Mr. Anthony R. Cecere
Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Ms. Marion G. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E.
The Chronicle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Clair Ms. Casey M. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Rene E. Clarke Dr. Nicholas Clesceri and
Dr. Lenore Clesceri
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Cloutier Mrs. Katherine Clusen
Mr. Larry Clute
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Conolly Cool Beans
Ms. Linda J. Corbett
Ms. Christine M. Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Courter Mr. Scott Courter
Mrs. Mildred T. Crocker
Ms. Rosemary S. Croop
Ms. Suzanne Crouse
Mr. Bennie F. Cummins Anne T. Daley
Mrs. Esther C. Dansky
Ms. Myra Darlow
Mr. Raymond Davignon
Mr. David DeLorme
Ms. Donna DeRosier
Carl R. and Barbara W.
Mr. James W. DeZalia
Mr. Michael S. Dier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dinolfo Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Dixon
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dodds
Mrs. Bonnie Donnelly Downtown City Tavern
Ms. Janice B. Doughman
Mr. Warren E. Dunham
Ms. Alice Dutcher
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Dutcher Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.
Edwards, Jr.
Ms. Alice M. Ef and
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Eicher Mr. and Mrs. Sacheverel Eldrid Diane and George Ellmers Ms. Laura Enzien
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Evens Ms. Christina Fabrey
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Farr Mr. and Ms. Anthony P.
Farrar, CPA
Ms. Debra Fenton
Ms. Lora R. Ferguson
Ms. Linda Ferrara
Mr. Gherasim Filip and Ms.
Lidia Mic
Ms. Donna M. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Flood Ms. Elaine L. Flower
Fort Edward Idle Hour Club Mr. George E. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Fox Mr. John P. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Furman Ms. Jane K. Gabriels
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J.
Garvey Volkswagen Hyundai Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gee Genpak LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gerace
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Geroski Mr. Shawn E. Giannelli
Mr. Michael Gleason
Glens Falls Animal Hospital Glens Falls Symphony
Mr. Edward G. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. James J.
Mr. and Mrs. David Gordon Mrs. Sally Gordon
Ms. Kelli A. Gorham
Gore Mountain Ski Area
Ms. Katlin Gosselin
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Grande Greater Glens Falls Senior
Citizens Center, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Grif n Haanen Packard
Machinery, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Garry L. Hamlin Mr. William Haroutounian Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hart
Mr. Phillip Hart
Ms. Jody Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Healy Ms. Ellen Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. John Hefele
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Herlihy Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Herlihy Ms. Jean E. Hicks
James Hindson, M.D.
Mr. Scott Hoffay
Ms. Mary F. Horrigan
Ms. Cheryl Hotaling
Gordon and Cynthia Hoyt Mrs. Cathleen Howland Hudson Sacandaga Post
5836 Ladies Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hutchins Indian Lake Restaurant, Inc. Mr. Thomas M. James
Jim’s Glass Service
John P. Burke Local 2
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Mrs. Jean Kahn
Ms. Maria Kalamaras
Keene Central School
Mr. Leonard E. Kerr
Ms. Kerri A. Ketcham
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Kiggins Kingsbury National Golf Club Kingsbury Vol. Hose Co. Aux. Ms. Barbara Koch
Mr. Joshua S. Koons and
Ms. Dalia Baldwin
Mr. Glenn L. Kreig
Mrs. Elaine A. Kronenberger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuba Mr. and Mrs. Theodore T.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Ladue Mr. and Mrs. Roger LaFontaine Lake George Kayak Company Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lamy Ms. Annabelle Lapper
Mr. Kenneth Larson Jr.
Mr. Irving R. Latham
Ms. Amy Lavin
Mr. and Mrs. Lothrop Lee, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn LeGrys
Mr. and Mrs. James W. LeGrys Dr. and Mrs. Guy D. Lehine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lennox Mrs. Rosalind E. Leroux
Ms. Karen Levine
Liberty House Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Light Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Loomis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luce
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Lyke M. B. Kilmer Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick MacDonald
Mr. Oskar Maier
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Manny Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Manzi Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Mara
Mr. and Mrs. V. James Marino Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Masten Mr. Roy Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mazza Dr. and Mrs. Walter McConnell Mrs. Anastasia McCormack
P. Kathleen McCoy, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDermott Mr. Robert H. McGowan
Philip C. McIntire, Esq. McKinley Griffen Design &
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C.
Mr. and Mrs. James A.
Mead Lumber Co., Inc.
Mr. Richard O. Mead
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Meade Lt. Col. and Mrs. Jerome C.
Meader, Jr.
Medtronic Your Cause, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. James J. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Wester Miga
Ms. Dayna R. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Minder Mirkovic Teal Group
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miskin Ms. Phyllis Miyauchi
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J.
Morcon, Inc.
Gina S. Morrissey
Mr. David E. Nabozny
Mr. Bernard Nadeau
National Symphony Orchestra Ms. Shirey Nesbitt
Mrs. Regina Newell
Ms. Janice L. Niemer
NYS Dept. of Health, Div.
of Family Health Mr. Ralph Ocker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B.
O’Connor Olympic Regional
Development Authority
Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Opulski Ms. Janice B. Orkis
Ms. Sharon A. O’Toole
Ms. Sylvia Palmer
Mr. Frank L. Palmeri
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Parker Parker Machine Co., Inc.
Mr. Steven M. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Pasco Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Patricke Mr. Alvin C. Peachman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H.
Pepper, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Perkins Mr. Robert Perry, Jr.
P zer Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
Mr. Charles J. Philion
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Phinney Pine Point Cottages &
Motel, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Pittelli Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pokropinski Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pollman Polsinello Fuels, Inc.
Mr. Thomas Potter
Mrs. Barbara M. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Prime Prime at Saratoga National Mr. John Priore
Ms. Marilyn K. Prouty
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Purdy Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Quandt R.J. Waterhouse Heating
Oils, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rappaport Mr. Leonard C. Rathbun, Sr. Ray Supply, Inc.
Mr. David Read
Mr. Walter Read
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Reed Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rios Mr. and Mrs. Clinton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robichaud Ms. Mary L. Robbins
Ms. Laurie Robinson
Mr. Donald Roessler
Anthony Romanazzi, D.M.D. Ms. Karen Rose
Rozell Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rummel Ms. Cara Rumrill
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ryder Ms. Elizabeth San lippo
Frank J. Santisario and Del
H. Brand
Saratoga Hospital Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Saratoga Performing Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Savage Ms. Norma Jean Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. David W. Schultz Mr. Michael E. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. W. Steven
SEFCU Insurance Agency
Mr. and Mrs. John Sgrillo
Ms. Kimberly Shaw
Sheldon Slate Products Co., Inc. Ms. Stacey Shepard
Harold and Carol Shippey
Mr. and Mrs. Dalen K.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T.
Mr. Donald Skellie
Mrs. Joyce Smith
Ms. Linda A. Smith
Ms. Yvonne A. Smith
Mr. Frank Sollosy
Ms. Jennifer Spademan
Ms. Kathleen L. Spahn
Mrs. Simone Spaulding
Mr. Paul Spinelli
Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe
St. Andrews Hardware, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Stackler State Farm Insurance - Dick
Stefan J. Stefanovich, Jr., RPAC Joan Stegman
Mr. Timothy Steiner
Mr. Stanley Steves
Mr. Daniel D. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E.
Stone, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Straut Mr. and Mrs. John Streeter
Mr. John F. Strough
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sumner Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tatko, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tessier
The Intelligence Group Thruway Beverages II, Inc. Ticonderoga Fire Auxiliary #1 Mrs. Jean K. Tilford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Toce Mr. Richard M. Tooley

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