Page 14 - Glens Falls Hospital 2017 Annual Report
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Investments in equipment and information technology continue to drive signi cant advancements for the Glens Falls Hospital network, with a focus in 2017 on lab automation, medication dispensing, and enhancements to our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, Cerner.
Lab Automation
The Roche 8100 Automation Line, an innovative state-of-the-art system, went live in April 2017,
after a year of planning. The system completes pre-analytic processing before samples are tested, transports the samples to the appropriate instruments for tests, and delivers the results right to the computer. This system leads to greater consistency of results
and faster turnaround times.
Medication Dispensing Cabinets
Simultaneously, we implemented the Omnicell
XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets for
the safe and ef cient dispensing of medications
to all hospital departments. Omnicell’s solutions
for medication management has helped improve work ows for the pharmacy and nursing units as well as decrease user error. The cabinet system features seamless interoperability with the hospital’s EMR system, creating greater ef ciency for nursing by removing redundant tasks during medication administration.
Enterprise-wide Enhancements
In late 2016, Glens Falls Hospital began an enterprise-wide IT transformation to establish
an integrated platform for billing, revenue cycle, patient registration, inpatient and outpatient medical records, and population health management. This transformation to Cerner allows us to aggregate data to better track and improve clinical outcomes for patients. This transformation continued throughout 2017
with upgrades to address security vulnerabilities, maximize ef ciencies, and ensure compatibility with other technologies used at the hospital. A total of 15 new applications were also added in 2017, and extensive and ongoing investments were made to ensure continued security of all data and protect against ransomware and other cyber threats. The patient and clinician experience has also been signi cantly improved due to robust wireless enhancements at our main campus. In total, over $5 million of information technology upgrades were completed in 2017, with a focus on additional optimizations, upgrades, reporting, and innovations in 2018.

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