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Cardiac Care at Glens Falls Hospital
The integrated team of Glens Falls Hospital and Adirondack Cardiology provide a full range of services, from cardiac screening and wellness to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative care. In 2017, we further expanded our cardiology services by bringing new diagnostic and treatment options to people with heart rhythm abnormalities across the hospital’s  ve-county service area.
We were thrilled to welcome Dr. Henry Tan, cardiologist and the region’s  rst electrophysiologist. Electrophysiology is a cardiology sub-specialty focused on diagnosing and treating heart rhythm conditions known as arrhythmias. Dr. Tan is the only electrophysiologist between Albany and Plattsburgh.
Glens Falls Hospital cardiologists have long used medication, pacemakers, and de brillators to treat some arrhythmias, but patients requiring more signi cant treatments, such as ablation, have
had to travel to other hospitals in the Capital Region. Dr. Tan’s training, coupled with a $500,000 investment by the hospital in ablation technology, now means that
many of those patients can be treated right here in our local community. Additional services offered by our team of cardiologists include angioplasty, cardiac rehabilitation, stenting, pacemakers, cardiac catheterization and ICD implants.
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