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Investing in Essential Healthcare Services
Over the past two years, Glens Falls Hospital
has continued to invest in enhancements to our medical centers, in addition to the establishment
of a crisis care center in our Emergency Department. These renovations are partially supported through New York State’s Capital Restructuring Financing Program (CRFP), to support the development of coordinated ambulatory care services, leading to
an integrated delivery system that strengthens
and protects continued access to essential healthcare services.
Nearly $1.15 million has been invested in a
new crisis care center to provide readily accessible behavioral health emergency services to adults and adolescents, supporting a rapid de-escalation
of the crisis. The specially trained staff will link complex patients to appropriate care resources and supportive services available throughout the Glens Falls Hospital health system and surrounding community.
An additional $2.1 million has been invested
in four of our regional medical centers to support primary care expansion and integration of behavioral health services. As a result, patients
in Wilton, Cambridge, Granville, and Greenwich will see expanded access, while facility changes will improve communication among healthcare providers and assure that care is well coordinated and patient-centered.
in Care
Expansions to Granville Medical Center are one of the many ways we are expanding access to quality care.

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